The Sunday Telegraph’s shortcomings

The Sunday Telegraph came out today with an article on Hezbollah’s internal debate about its Syria policy (full support to the Assad Regime). The report has the following errors:  

1. Hezbollah’s “Lebanese Branch” and the military are not two separate groups. There is no mention of Welayet Fakih, a belief in the jurisdiction of Iran’s Supreme leader, Ali Khamenei. The party is committed to Iran’s leadership.

2. The sources are weak, “one Lebanese with connections to senior Hizbollah circles”, and a “Shia politician from an important political family”. There are no important political families in Lebanon; there are Nabih Berri’s Amal, and Hezbollah. Both base their politics on rejecting bourgeoisie/feudal families.

3. The debate happens all the time. But could Hezbollah formulate a separate Syria policy, independent of Iran’s? Highly doubtful.

For all the above reasons, the Sunday Telegraph’s report lacks credibility.

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  • Discussion about the point 2. If it’s possible to say that Amal and Hezbollah both reject feudal families in the south and east in the past (i e in the 1980’s-1990’s), they built a very strong socle (basis) of “nouveaux riches” families network specially in Africa, and not only in Africa. I ‘m not sure that the old opposition vs feudal families is so hard today: this point needs some infos/research. Opposition or Obedience?

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