The FSA’s war with the Kurdish PKK

The Free Syrian Army and the Kurdish PKK are fighting in Northern Aleppo. The PKK has been training in Syria for a long time now, their fighters are experienced, organized and well trained; the fight could prove fatal to the Arab rebels. The PKK also has some regime backing, while the FSA’s A’zaz Corps has suspected Turkish connections. If the fighting ensues, this could have major repercussions for the Syrian revolution. First, Turkey would be seen as launching a proxy war with the PKK, through Syrian rebels; this would cost the FSA much needed public support in both the Moslem and Western worlds. A Sunni Kurd-Sunni Arab conflict would fall out of context with the current narratives of the Syrian crisis. Secondly, it would also divert much of the fight in the North towards the PKK, thus leaving the regime with more maneuvering space.

Kurdish areas in Syria

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