Video: The Sectarian dialogue between Syrian Sheikh Adnan Arour and a captured Allawite officer

The dialogue, on a Saudi based Islamist channel, starts with an introduction by an FSA officer, sitting next to the captured Allawite POW (while Adnan Arour, Syria’s influential telesalafist sits in the Saudi studio). The FSA officer reiterates many times that Allawite officers are not joining the armed revolution, only Sunnis are heeding the calls to split the army.

The Allawite officer speaks of the “good treatment” he’s receiving throughout his hundred days in the FSA’s custody. He condemned the regime’s prisoners’ swap in return for the Iranian hostages, while leaving him, an Allawite officer, without any attention.
Arour asks the officer whether Allawites feel that they’re being used by a single family (the Assads) to protect its own interests. The FSA officer says that the Allawite POW has bombed Sunni homes, and that the regime refused to include him in a swap.
The Sheikh also asks about the proportion of Allawite officers in the officers’ corps vis a vis Sunnis. When the officer says I do not know exactly, the Sheikh objects and the line is cut. The video ends there.

This is the dialogue in a nutshell, the narratives are now surfacing, and people are less considerate as there is no need for political correctness when you are fighting a brutal war.

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