The Iranian Regime’s logic: Assassination as an effective deterrent

Cmdr. Ahmad Zolghadr, the deputy head of the Tehran Revolutionary Guards, has said in  a speech in Mashhad: “If we had acted on the fatwa of the late imam [Khomeini] and had killed Salam Rushdie, insult against the Prophet of Islam would not take place.”

[Apparently, he meant that subsequent perceived insults including films and cartoons, including the infamous Danish cartoon that led to violence, wouldn’t have been produced.}

For those in Lebanon, this statement stirs many questions as to the dominant logic behind assassinations. The Revolutionary Guards’ leadership is pretty much convinced in the effectiveness of assassinations.

The Special Tribunal for Lebanon has recently accused four Hezbollah operatives in the assassination of Rafik Hariri, hinting that the same group might be behind other killings. Of course, Hezbollah, an Iranian proxy trained and overseen by the Revolutionary Guards, accuses Israel of being behind these assassinations.

According to the aforementioned Iranian logic or inference, if Hariri was killed, his efforts to contain Hezbollah would have resulted in losing a significant and influential geopolitical leverage in the Levant. By supporting assassinations and extrajudicial killings, Iran and its allies disprove all their Lebanese ally’s denials and counterarguments.

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