Syria’s Jihadists sympathize with Mali’s Islamists






Last week, Hazem Ameen from Al-Hayat wrote on the Nusra Front’s rising presence in Syria, concluding that the radical Islamist group is fighting the regime, alongside the Syrian people’s revolution, not within it. In a nutshell, Jihadists remain an external force with a different agenda to the revolution’s early aspirations. This remains a very bold statement, but it draws a clear line for the revolution’s mainstream enthusiasts and supporters. Nusra cannot become mainstream in Syria, however conservative the country is, and as Ameen rightly argues, the regime has facilitated their growth.

Just like the extrajudicial executions of captured soldiers, suicide bombings, imposing Islamic sharia on locals, the Syrian Jihadists’ Mali sympathies would not put many of the revolution’s Arab and even local supporters at ease. Sharia and transnational sympathies are not really on the plate for Syrians who are still suffering from the regime’s brutal firepower. 


Here is a sample of the recently expressed sympathies:


A Tweet from a major Syrian Opposition account: Breaking: Mali’s heroic Mujahedeen shoot down a French plane


Ahmad Mouafak Zaydan, an Al-Jazeera Correspondent, and Syrian Opposition activist tweets: from Mali to Syria: is there anyone who still believes in the superstition of “free world”…


A free syrian army brigade, liwaa asefat al shamal, posts on Facebook: breaking: the shooting down of the the first French jet in Mali … Allahu Akbar.


Wesal, the popular Saudi based anti Assad channel, tweets: on Friday’s last hour, please do not forget to pray for our brothers in Syria, Mali, Iraq, Ahwaz, Baluchestan, Caucasus, Nigeria, Egypt, Palestine and everywhere.


An Iraqi Sunni Twitter account, linked to the Syria conflict, writes the following message: Russia and China kill us in Syria, France kills us in Mali, and America kills us in Yemen and Afghanistan.

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